Frequently Asked Questions

I try to place on order but it does not go through?
This can depend on several reasons. The photo can be too large, we may run an update on this website or our Payment Service PayPal can run an update. Contact us on kik messenger "Hypestagram" and we will be happy to help you with your order/feature!
Which payment methods are accepted at
We at accept PayPal payment wich is a secure way of purchasing stuff over the internet. We also accept payment with your credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) via PayPal. Just choose pay with your credit card at the last step of payment.
How secure is shopping at Is my data protected?
Hypestagram never handle your payment details – PayPal protects your information upon payment. PayPal is a international payment service that is secure and used in more than 190 nations worldwide. Privacy: Email addresses or street adresses displayed at the purchase will not be shared with anyone outside unless the person in question has been asked and accepted this at registration (for example, at some special offers). Under no circumstances will the email addresses be shared. - Registered email addresses will not be shared - Registered email addresses will not be sold - Registered email addresses will not be abused
My instagram feature was not posted. Why?
Either the content you wanted featured was not related to the page topic or the page administrator did not feel your content was a right fit for their instagram page. If you have a "advertising" or promotion photo that is totally different from the pages contents it is a different price and you need to contact the page administrator to get to an agreement.
Lots of websites sell followers for half the price of one feature on your page. Why is this?
We at Hypestagram sell features on pages that have real and active followers and probably the biggest on instagram at their topics. The followers you would get from those pages are REAL people with REAL instagram accounts not computer bots that serve just as a numbers boost. So you will get real people that follows you and at the end of the day that is what really matters. Also, from time to time instagram management deletes and cleans the whole instagram from "spam accounts/computer bots" that you will receive from most other websites.
How long after I pay do I receive my feature?
Usually, You will receive a feature from the page you selected within 48 hours of the transaction. Some pages may have more orders in queue than others, so be patient. Sometimes it can take up to a week to get your photo featured when a page is busy, but does it take longer than a week do not hesitate to contact either us here at or the page administrator.
My friend also bought a feature and he/she got twice as many followers as I did! Why?
There are numerous variables at play when featuring a photo – things like demographics, duration of the feature, time of the day you were featured, you can actually fill in and pay a little bit extra to be posted at "Peak Time" and get your photo out there when the largest amount of viewers is online. But most important is the quality of your submission/content that you submited for the feature. Explore pages and their previous content before deciding what picture to send for the feature!
Do I receive an invoice for my order?
If everything goes right with the payment you will receive an invoice on the email you typed in at the checkout page. So yes, you will receive an invoice!